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Max Hoops Helps

Max Hoops Helps

Co-founded and directed by Brant Minor, Max Hoops was established in 2010 to help athletes succeed on the basketball court, in the classroom and in life. To date, Max Hoops has hosted College Exposure Showcases for both boys and girls in five different states, where local collegiate coaches lead classroom and on-court sessions for players. New in 2018, Max Hoops held “The Exclusive,” the first stay-and-play style in Las Vegas for high schoolers.

Additionally, Max Hoops offers individualized workouts. Minor, who played at University of Portland, recently announced Max Hoops’ latest offering: Max Hoops Helps.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the landscape of sports today, Max Hoops Helps has been designed to keep your athlete engaged and ready to play when the time comes. Max Hoops Helps is specifically geared towards student athletes who will be in high school in Fall 2020.
Coach Minor says, “If your actions don’t line up with your goals, you need to change your actions, or change your goals.”

While Max Hoops is not holding individual and group workouts and events, you can still help your athlete develop the skills they need to be successful on and off the court during this time. With Max Hoops Help, your athlete will get access to one-on-one mentorship that includes help with college preparation, parent education and focuses on mental training and goal setting.

One-On-One Mentorship
One-On-One Mentorship is the main component of Max Hoops Help. You and your athlete will get an individualized plan that includes resources and help in the following areas: College Preparation, Parent Education and Personal Coaching.

College Preparation
Preparing your athlete to make decisions regarding their future and education can seem overwhelming but Max Hoops is here to help. We work with your child (and you) one-on-one to identify which colleges may be a good fit for them based on their education
goals and level of play. We want to make sure you and your athlete are confident knowing they will be choosing a college athletic program that suits their needs.

Parent Education
As a former D1 athlete and current father, Brant knows how overwhelming it can be to pick a college to further your child’s education. A lot of factors weigh into this decision and Max Hoops Helps can help educate you on how to find an athletic program that
works for your student athlete. In addition, Max Hoops Helps works with parents on setting achievable goals with their athletes.

Personal Coaching
With a focus on realistic goal setting and mental toughness training, Max Hoops Help can help your athlete prepare for situations both on and off the court. Setting goals that are realistic and preparing a plan of action to meet those goals is one of our main focuses.
While in-person workouts and Showcases are paused for the time being, Max Hoops Helps will work with both you and your athlete on setting a plan of action for the future, whether that includes your child’s last year of high school or first year of college. For more information about Max Hoops Helps contact Brant at 503-708-4871.

Max Hoops Helps

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