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Brant Minor

Brant Minor


Adam Masten – Oregon State University Guard

Brant Minor looks to use basketball as a development tool for young men.

Playing college basketball is a dream for many young men across the country, and only a select group get to live out that dream. Adam Masten (Oregon State University) and Brant Minor (University of Portland) were fortunate enough to see that dream become a reality. However, they will be the first to admit that talent alone does not guarantee a dream becomes reality.

After both of their respective playing careers ended, they decided they were not done with the game. Wanting to give back to game they loved, they set up Max Hoops in the summer of 2010. The co-creators of this program set out with the goal to equip high school athletes with the necessary tools for the next level, wherever that may be. Both men knew that skill development combined with character development would make not only a sought after athlete, but a successful person.

Masten and Minor want athletes to see both the value of hard work and dedication needed to play college basketball, but also the value of an education. Max Hoops is set out to develop the potential of each athlete that is willing to put in the time and work necessary for success

Max Hoops currently offers three distinct programs designed to develop a well-rounded athlete. These three programs are called: Elite Basketball School, College Exposure Showcase, and Max Academy.

After Minor finished his career at University of Portland he joined NAIA Southern Oregon University as an assistant coach. During his time on staff the program experienced not only on the court success, going from 9th in the conference to 2nd, but also saw players who handled their business off the court. In that same five year span Southern Oregon University saw team GPA rise to the highest in the country at 3.52.

Brant Minor – University of Portland Guard

Minor takes great pride in athletes who understand academics comes first. Thus, Elite Basketball School became a point of emphasis for Minor. The program brings players into direct contact with college coaches. The unique setting gives the players the opportunity to listen to the coaches, ask questions, and most importantly take notes. They receive an education that goes beyond the court. While the players do receive on the court instruction from these coaches, they begin to see and understand the investment coaches are willing to put into athlete’s personal growth.

Unique to Max Hoops is the College Exposure Showcase. Current NAIA, NCAA Division III and Junior College coaches are on the floor and take the reins completely. They coach several highly-competitive games over two days. Teams rotate to work with different coaches during the event. Over the course of the weekend, a coach could find many players to recruit. Games are recorded and following the Showcase, videos are sent to coaches across the country to highlight athlete performances.

Again, Masten and Minor understand the importance of personal investment is vital for individual growth. Many athletes find the personal instruction of a collegiate coach unique and worth the time. This was very apparent when more than 100 high school players from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia participated in the first fall Showcase in September 2014, alongside 10 college coaches. The numbers at these showcases continue to grow as kids understand they can grow as a player and possibly get recruited in one weekend. The showcase revealed a need to Minor.

The success of the showcase, and the kids that attended, revealed an area of need for the parents and athletes. The question arose: My child is being recruited, what happens next? This question is one that is tossed around whether you are a top-10 national recruit or a player bound for junior college. Seeing the need for education on this area, Max Hoops has decided to launch Max Academy in January 2018.

Minor knew that in order for this new venture to be successful he brought Jonathan Willis on board. Willis played basketball at the University of South Florida and is currently the recruiting coordinator at Division III Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Willis brings a dynamic personality that brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm into his coaching. Willis will supply a strong motivating force that will keep athletes engaged and focused on being successful within the Academy. His ability to motivate, along with his knowledge of recruiting will be a great resource for the athletes.

Minor and Willis both know how crucial it is for this education to take place due totheir own athletic careers and years spent recruiting for their respective programs. The best recruiters will say that off the court maturity directly impacts on the court success. College coaches at all levels look for kids who have a head on their shoulders, know who they are or work hard to find out, and are coachable. Talent is great, but work ethic is the great equalizer. Max Academy looks to help equip high schoolers with invaluable lessons that can be applied in all areas of life from finances to health. The program will be essential to both the athletes and their parents. The aim of the virtual academy is to answer questions from: What is the difference between divisions to how do I gain muscle? Many college athletes are thrown into the fire, whether that is a new environment, class schedules, or newfound freedom with finances and time. Max Academy is dedicated to educating and equipping these athletes with a maturity that will separate them from their peers. The maturity in this area will be an asset to their coaches.

Max Hoops is dedicated to the well-being and advancement of every player who wants to get better. The programs offered are designed to give players a platform to showcase their abilities to colleges while receiving an education in return. The growth that takes place for a person during the high school years is crucial for long term success. Max Hoops and specifically the Max Academy program looks to provide an environment where that growth can take place. If one of the programs offered peaks your interest, please visit the Max Hoops page.